Natures Confetti

by Lesley Curtis



I wrote the songs for this EP in and about the beautiful mountains in Scotland, the glorious woods of Lincolnshire, the amazing beaches of the North Norfolk coast and the myriad of flowers in my very own garden. It reflects my thoughts about the beauty that is all there all around me and I feel so blessed that my authentic self has been allowed to shine out through the songs. I have been absolutely thrilled and privileged to be working with my son for the first time in the making of this EP


released December 31, 2018

Lesley Curtis - Lead & Harmony Vocals
Christopher Barn - Everything Else

All songs written by Lesley Curtis except ‘Elui – Spirit of the Flowers’ & "I Hear Angels Breathe" with music written by Lesley Curtis & Lindsay Barn


all rights reserved



Lesley Curtis Peterborough, UK

An established singer
& songwriter, Lesley has released three mainstream albums 'Shock Delayed', 'Naked' & 'Looking
For The Girl'. She continues to write & perform as part of Oakleas Rise releasing their debut album 'Little White Lies' in 2019

Reflecting her interest in spirituality Lesley has released three 
conceptual albums ‘Music Moves Within Me', ‘Soul Dreamer’ & in 2018 'Natures Confetti'
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Track Name: Cool Forest
Mushrooms like trumpets call from the forest
Look at us they say, we are tall and silent
Grey and yellow and fine and curled
We live in our very own world amongst the pine needle beds
In the cool, damp forest

Leaves of red and gold and yellow
Filters the sunlight and makes me feel mellow
To think that all of those leaves are dying
The carpet grows on the forest floor
And the smell envelops me like a comfort blanket

The ferns lie flat and brown and dry
Once they were tall so very high and green
But now it looks as if they’ve been laid upon
A sweet comfortable bed to be slept upon
By a very pretty brown deer

Black mud it sucks at my boots as I walk the path
Come and see the underneath it says
Come and feel the earth with me
And every step I take leaves a trail
I am an immortal in the cool damp forest
Track Name: Natures Confetti
Tall fir trees stand erect, like pine scented soldiers
Guarding the forest
Black pools of silence, infiltrated by slivers of sunlight
Cutting through this sacred space
In the forests, in the forests, in the forests of Bourne

And what of the deer that congregate here
They’ve all disappeared in a magic haze
One minute here, next minute gone
But their imprint remains in their resting-place

May blossom strewn across our path
Like fairies throwing natures confetti to lighten our way
We who know many things understand nothing
We stand on these delicate petals
And they crush underfoot

So tread carefully and do not disturb
The grace and the beauty that infuses every moment
Respect their majesty and leave them as you found them and they will allow you to remember them
Track Name: Silver In The Bark
Walking hand in hand in the woods, such a healing thing to do
I saw your love in every branch, in every acorn
And in the breeze that blew
I felt the sun, I breathed its warmth while the birds they sang
I carried on walking; the oak embraced my every step

But I saw you most, where you made your mark
Was when I saw the silver in the bark

The ferns they brushed me as I passed, giving me a holy breath
I shared my love with the trees and they in turn, nurtured me
But I saw you most, where I made my mark
Was when I saw the silver in the bark

The scent of pine gave my comfort;
the bird’s songs gave me peace
The caressing wind held me close
so that I could breathe with ease

I saw your love all around me, in every lead, in every stone
In every thought that passed my by,
the secret of this love I’d know
Track Name: Aonach Mòr
The Spirit of the mountain calls to me
I hear her voice on the April breeze
I hear her sing her song of love
Here on the mountain of Aonach Mor
Over the mountain of Aonach Mor

I see her trees in shades of green
Red and gold and purple beams
I smell the earth and I hear her voice
The mountain of Aonach Mor

I hold my hands in her mountain stream,
It’s cold and forgiving and its cleanses me
I hear the water bring life
Through the mountains of Aonach Mor

I feel heaven beneath my feet
I breathe the air and it cherishes me
I thank God I’m here and I bless the sky
Here on the mountain of Aonach Mor
Track Name: Elui - Spirit Of The Flowers
Spirit of the flowers I call to you

Verse 1
Glorious nature, green of the trees
Opens my heart opens my soul
Glorious nature, green of the trees
Opens my heart opens my soul

Verse 2
Love is all around me I bathe in its beauty
I surround myself with love
I thank Heaven above
for sharing this moment with me
Track Name: Standing In My Singing Shoes
Standing in my singing shoes, living my life and looking for clues
Gotta avoid those which way blues
And follow that star

Children playing on the beach, cheeks as rosy as a peach
Though the sun seems out of reach
I’ve got to follow that star

There are lessons to be learned to find out who we truly are
There to help us find our way
And follow that star

Middle 8
Running on my path up to the light
Guided in my heart to what feels right
I’m so alive right now gives me a fright
Hope it will turn out alright

Guiding light, shining star always show me here you are
In the dark when I can’t see, shine a light on me
Track Name: I Hear Angels Breathe
Where do I go, where do I begin
Do I go outside or do I go within
What should I say, where should I start
Should I talk out loud and speak from my heart

Oh my heart brings me love, I hear angels breathe

Should I take this step, embrace the unknown
Should I take a chance on this journey home
Should I make this choice and change everything
Open my heart to love and hear my soul sing

I am here right now – here I am
No, I won’t hold back from all that I am

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