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Shock Delayed

by Lesley Curtis

Verse 1 I’ve been waiting for so long for a sign from you I’ve been looking at the stars for a sign from you Just to say that you love me, that you’re coming through I’ve been waiting for so long, for a sign from you Verse 2 When I see it I’ll know it and I’ll know that it’s from you When I see it I’ll show it and I’ll know that it’s from you Love waits for no-one when it’s coming through I’ve been waiting for so long for a sign from you Chorus Why oh why am I still waiting It’s such a long time since you held me close Inside my head I think I dreamt you You were someone I chose Verse 3 When I hold you I’ll feel it and I’ll know you’ll feel it too And when we get together then we’ll know just what to do You can tell me you love me, that you’re coming through I’ve been waiting for so long, for a sign from you
When I said I trusted you, I thought you understood The peace of mind baby that I knew made me feel real good When you gave me confidence, I didn’t have to say But I never even stood a chance, the change had come too late Chorus Now I’m shock delayed, shock delayed, Baby I’m just shock delayed, baby baby, I’m just shock delayed Just shock delayed Middle 8 Now I know that you were fooling, you should have told the truth I should have known that you were playing Understood what you were saying, now I know you’re not the staying kind, but I was Verse 2 When I told you how much I cared, I thought you were concerned And all the good times we had shared said my feelings were returned And when you kissed me tenderly, I thought the sun was mine And when you held me I could see, the sun begin to shine, but I was..
I saw the news today and it made me cry I saw the killing flames, I heard people cry We’re all here together, the message is known No man’s an island, no woman is alone So much hate and so much grief, shouldn’t we try Shouldn’t we try to help the weak, shouldn’t we try What is the reason for the taking of life A life that’s worth nothing, cuts like a knife Middle 8 So what can we do to stop all this pain Where those who have nothing to lose have everything to gain Bridge Share your love, give your love, breathe your love, live your love (x 2)
Verse 1 You touched me, you held me, I knew I loved you then But you hurt me, you desert me, first I see you, then I don’t It’s a mistake, this heartache, but you’re the one I want Love sharing, disappearing, first I see you, then I don’t Chorus Vanishing Man, Vanishing Man Catch him if you can, Vanishing Man Middle 8 I’m looking for a love that lasts, But you’re moving much too fast Like a summer breeze you slipped away leaving me with yesterday Verse 2 You picked me up you held me high Eyes wide open, looking round But in the blinking of an eye, I fell upon the ground I’m drowning in my lovers kiss in an ocean made of sand Almost there but still not his, first I see him then I don’t
Verse 1 You ain’t gonna break me, You won’t make me cry When I’m walking out the door, I’ll hold my head up high You ain’t gonna hurt me, I’ve seen you moving round I’m good at moving mountains too; you won’t get me down You aint gonna push me where I don’t wanna go You won’t get me walking fast when I’m walking slow And I won’t shed a tear for you when I close that door I’ll just walk away from you, you won’t see me no more Chorus Cos I’m made of stone, you’re not alone I can be the same as you and I can see it through I’ve got my sights set high, I’m gonna fly That’s what I’m gonna do, with or without you Verse 2 You ain’t gonna break my heart, like I’ve seen you do before Your text book words I know so well, man I know the score And I ain’t gonna wait for you cos I ain’t no baby girl You’re much too slow; you’ve lost the groove Man I’ve seen the world
Verse 1 She wonders why, why he likes to make her cry Did he see something bad in her eyes She grabs a coffee but the mirror never lies Why does everyday end in a why? In a why Verse2 She closes the front door and drives up to the school She’s wearing dark glasses, the kids all think she’s cool But there’s something inside her that cannot be denied Why does everyday have to end in a why? Middle Mondays a long hard journey, Tuesdays just a joke Wednesdays the teardrops start and Thursdays full of hope Friday the weekend starts and by Saturday it ends Sunday the fighting starts again Verse 3 This time will be different, ‘cos this time he won’t win She’s starting a new life, far away from him It’s hard to come to terms with But she knows this love has died Her life aint gonna end in a why It’s hard to come to terms with But she knows this love has died Her life aint gonna end in a why
Turn to Me 04:18
When you lose your dreams, when they disappear Who will hold your hand, who can stop you crying When your broken heart has gone and flown away Who will stop the pain, who will dry your tears Chorus Turn You can turn to me I’ll be there Verse 2 When the morning comes and finds you all alone Why should you hold on when your rock has gone Verse 3 When the storm is over and you have lost sight of the sun Who can you rely on, when everyone has gone
Woah Woah Woah Woah yeah Verse 1 Child in the dark alone again without a friend Her lover’s gone and she’s without him once again Stepping thru the open window to another world Waking up just like a woman, sleeping like a little girl Chorus 1 It’s the same old situation, the same old confrontation Of spirit and soul, woah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah,yeah Child of the night without her man to make it right Chilled to the bone, no telephone, just lonely night Thru the glass the image changes, frosted then clear All the people sitting waiting, watching her tears Chorus 2 It’s that same old helpless feeling, dreaming and revealing Her spirit and soul, woah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, spirit and soul yeah Spirit and soul yeah, spirit and soul, woah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse 3 Child of her dreams her future it seems she’s thrown away Gossamer threads of her old life are far away Softened edges hide the tension, she still looks sane, Nothings ever worth a mention till she steps right thru the pain It’s the same old situation, the same old confrontation Her spirit and soul, woah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, spirit and soul yeah Spirit and soul yeah, spirit and soul, woah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (Spirit and soul to end)
Verse 1 I breathe the air of the starry dark night, I feel the wind on my face I hold the Earth in my small, small hands and it takes me back to love again I hold the trees that touch the sky, I hold the leaves as they fall I lie on the grass with my face to the sun and it takes me back to love again Chorus We don’t understand the harm that we do When we hurt the land we hurt ourselves too What a funny thing love is if we only knew That when we hurt our fellow man we hurt ourselves too Verse 2 I float like a cloud when the breeze has begun It signals the passing of time I swim in the ocean with the sun on my face and it takes me back to love again I look at the things that man has achieved Buildings, guns, rockets and bombs Hunger and hate, it mustn’t be too late, to take us back to love again Verse 3 I laugh and I pray and I sing of my joy With friends who all think the same way And I give thanks to God for the angel in my heart Who takes us back to love again For taking us to love again
Moonbeams 04:21
Maybe the time for holding on is past And maybe I should see the die is cast And maybe it’s time to say goodbye ut maybe I should give it one more try Chorus We all have our bad times, we all do something wrong But even though we fail each other, my heartbeat is just as strong & sometimes it’s so darn easy 2 lose sight of the truth Cos when it comes to catching moonbeams No one can hold them for me the way I know you do Verse 2 I’ve thought about the way my life could be, If you were gone and I was living free I could do the things I’ve always wanted to, But with no one to share the spoils with or come home to
Been such a long time, There’s been so many tears on the way Saw the power deep inside, So much more every day You always had faith never gave up, Never walked away Saw things I couldn’t see, You made me strong made me stay Such a natural place to be, Loving you, loving me Shelter in the storm holds me close, Keep me warm It’s come to an end it’s all changed And the living can start You’ll still be my friend, Faithful right up to the last Hope changes pain changes hope And faith sets you free Together again, Hope even changes dreams


From my eye to my heart
From my heart to my voice
From my voice to your heart

This debut album from Lesley Curtis is a collection of original country rock songs, a bit of gospel and a hidden track at the end.


released January 1, 2003

Written & performed by Lesley Curtis
Produced by Andy Nicholls & Lesley Curtis
Engineered by Andy Nicholls at AMS Studios


all rights reserved



Lesley Curtis Hull, UK

An established singer
& songwriter, Lesley has released three mainstream albums 'Shock Delayed', 'Naked' & 'Looking
For The Girl'. She continues to write & perform as part of Oakleas Rise releasing their debut album 'Little White Lies' in 2019

Reflecting her interest in spirituality Lesley has released three 
conceptual albums ‘Music Moves Within Me', ‘Soul Dreamer’ & in 2018 'Natures Confetti'
... more

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